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Dragon Ball Legends – Which Things to Know Before Playing?


Most of the children like to play fighting games; the Dragon Ball Legends is one among them because of animated series, high graphics and so on. This game has a storyline that helps you enjoying the game more.

It supported only two devices, namely, Android and iOS. You can also play the game with your best friends by connecting your Facebook account with the game, not only this; you can also check their abilities and skills in the match.

Top 2 Features

  1. Heroes – There are many heroes available in Dragon Mobile Legends, but you will get 8 when you first started the game. The free heroes’ names are balmond, saber, layla, tigreal, zilong, miy, nana, eudora. If you want to buy more heroes, then you can use diamonds and battle points. Other heroes, you can get by completing certain events.
  2. Emblem – It is a system that increases the power of your hero in Dragon Mobile Legends. There are total nine emblems available in the game, make sure to max out the right emblem that suits your play style.

Final Words

Conclusion, I hope you understand all things as mentioned above because it is essential not only for beginners but also experienced players if they want to become the best player in Dragon Ball Legends. Lastly, gamers also have to pay attention to the earning process and use this currency in the right way; otherwise, you need to buy from your real money.

Things That Nobody Told You About Merge Magic Game!


We are living in that era where game developing studios are creating different kinds of comes that are liked by other people, and Merge Magic is one of them. Therefore, get ready to play the game in which you will not only get a chance to decorate the house but also solve the puzzles. All you need to do focusing on a collection of currencies such as coins. It is possible to use the Merge Magic hack that will help the players to earn more and more funds for free. In this article, players will gain knowledge regarding the game.

Detail information regarding the Merge Magic

You will find lots of stages in the game. For new players, there is a small tutorial that they can easily check out in order to experience the features of the game. Therefore, this would be the best option for those who want to earn the stars more and more. In addition to this, in the end of the level, you will be rewards with the lots of coins and stars. In case, you face a shortage in the collection of coins then simply take advantages of Merge Magic hack that would be best for you. You can read the reviews online to grab more facts about the game. 

Create more and more pillows

Try to make the pillows in the puzzles game which are possible to match more than 4 blocks in single moves. Therefore, try to pay attention to it.

Crucial Tips that Every Single Player of Hempire Must Know

Knowing the tips related to the game, which you play, is an essential process to accomplish properly. So, in the same post, there are some main tips given that relates to the game which every single player must apply in their gameplay to make the game more interesting and easier than before. Not only is this, playing the game after applying the tips make the same thing more interesting and exciting.

After then players can also play Hempire easily, and they earn a good amount of in-game currency in it. Players can also earn a huge amount of in-game currency and rewards by taking the help of Hempire Hack. It is the best tool, and by using it users can unlock new hybrids, they grow as many plants as they want and perform anything in the game accordingly. The same option is the best for those players who do not want to put efforts in Hempire.

Tips to know about the game

Here you find some of the most essential and relevant tips that help you in playing the Hempire easier than before. So, let’s start with some of the main tips, which are as follows –

  • Users need to play more – It means that in order to go far in the game and earn a good amount of rewards and money in Hempire players need to play it more and more.
  • Make use of quick select – Another main tip is that in order to make everything better in Hempire one needs to make use of quick select.
  • Stick with the game when growing – It means when the growing process takes place in the game users and players need to open the game or in other words, they have to stick with the game.

Therefore, these are some easy tips that every single player of Hempire must know to play the same game properly and decently.

More Instructions about My Story Game

My Story is a game that may attract your attention if you are looking for a game which includes stories of love, adventure, drama and many more. This game is one of the world’s largest adventurous games.

The game is all about interactive and audacious stories which include stories of love, romance, and fiction. The players not only can read their favorite stories but can also write and publish their own creative and interactive stories.


-The players can modify their avatar and design their outfit

– The players can make their choices and develop relationships with their favorite characters

– Explore all of the different endings

– Players can plunge themselves into thousands of diverse worlds with endless options







The game provides more new stories every week which become more interesting for the players to keep exploring many creative things on a regular basis. The more you play and create your stories, the more you earn enough amount of in-game currency in the form of gems and passes. There are lots of new stories or characters which added to the game every month. The gamers have a wide range to choose among from them and play. Users can also create their story according to their choice.


Episode – Choose Your Story considers two types of main currency which play a crucial role in the game. The in-game currency is used to buy some important items and to customize your character in order to play properly. The game consists of two types of currency in the game which is as follows –

  • Gems – It is the primary currency in the game which helps the users to buy some important items and to buy new and modern outfits for your character. These are earned by playing, creating more stories and by getting My Story Hack.
  • Passes – These are another main currency in the game which is used to unlock new and more interesting stories. These are earned by completing more and more objectives or challenges.

Things we should know about Mafia City Game! Some explained with details

We all play games in our leisure time team get the fun to erase our stress. There are many games which can be played in homes. The famous indoor games are very much renowned in the youngsters. Video games are also considered as the tremendous indoor game, getting a massive response from various parts of the world. Video games now offer us Online and offline games, and online games are now more popular among gamers because it helps you to play with your distant friends. Mafia City is also a semi online game which can be played through offline as well as online. From the online resources, you can also download Mafia City Cheats to dominate the game wonderfully.

In this article, we are going to discuss some basics of the game. Through this, you may get vital knowledge about the game. Just follow the things in the article to get the most of the stuff in the game.

Dating in the game

Mafia City includes the task of dating with some beautiful imaginary characters of the game. Date more and more with the women in the game to earn more game currency to dominate the tasks. It will also give you the real experience of dating fabulous looking young women. All the experience of dating will provide you with ample fun in the game. Use Mafia City cheats to lead the dating in the game. This tip for dating is very crucial, and you can do tremendous work in the game.

Love Nikki Tips and Tricks


The mobile gaming industry is growing every day, and everyday developers launch new games. There is a category of each game in online game stores and role-play games are very popular in worldwide. Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an online role playing game. The game was released in 2014 and gained huge popularity just in four weeks. Players are allowed to use real currency, and Love Nikki cheats to purchase stars and cash.

Gameplay tips

Do jobs and earn experience – For reach at high levels, you must do jobs and earn experience points. At the beginning of the game, you do not receive any kind of jobs, but as you go to higher levels. You will start getting jobs.

  • Get free stars from offers – The game have many hidden tips, and one of them is you can get free star currency. In the game, several tasks and offers are available that give you free stars easily. Each task provides a different amount of star currency.
  • Own a gym and equipment – One of the most amazing things about this game is to purchase a gym with the source of Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats easily. Because gym and equipment provide experience points daily and it will be a permanent source of gaining experience in the game.
  • Throw parties and gain fans – Parties put big impacts in the game, it helps to raise the character reputation as a celebrity in the face of people and increase fans. The more fans you have, the more reputation points you will gain.

The Sims Mobile- A superior guide for beginners


Are you looking for the best tips and tricks in The Sims Mobile? If the big yes then today we talk about some tips in the game for beginners. These are all tips useful to enhance your knowledge and improve your performance. Before telling some suggestions, I won’t tell you some basics detail about the game. The game is the best simulation game in all over the world. It is also called the best dream world game. We can also say that it is the best opportunity for that person whose want to create own dream home.

How to play

If you are beginners and not know how to play the game then today I will tell you some tips for beginners for play the game. Firstly you can download the game on your mobile. The game is available on your mobile store like for android device play store is available and for IOS app store is available. After install, the games open it. Now I tell you some professional detail about the game by trying The Sims Mobile Hack.

1.     Starting-

In the starting, you know that it is the simulation game. The first tasks are related to the decorating. You should select the room for decoration after the decoration you can but the furniture and other things for the room. These purchases will help you to unlock the items in the game. In the game, the furniture is divided into the three categories.

  1. Home
  2. Career
  3. Hobby

These all the types of furniture and you want to focus on the home furniture in the starting. If you want to set up the furniture, then follow some steps. Read the all steps carefully.

  • Firstly you should tap on the furniture item. Then move it and hit the button on the lower part of your screen. As per the thing will be set up automatically.

How to protect your Instagram Account?


Instagram is a big network for sharing photos and chatting with a number of people. The app is also available for it on the playstore, and it allows us to edit the images. One camera is also located on it for taking selfies, and you can easily upload such images and videos. Millions of accounts are active on it, and you can also start the entertaining journey on it. Today many users can View Private Instagram Account for getting the pictures.

The security is required thing on it because we are connected with worldwide. The misuse of data is increasing day by day. The users have to conscious about it, and for that, we need a suitable guide about it. Here we are telling how to solve the protection problem with some essential points.  

Use strong password

First of all, we can safe our profile with the password and for entering the users must need a password. It is a combination of different characters and symbols. The individual can set a strong password, and for that, you have to use the complex keys and number. The length of it must be 8 characters and avoid the used password in it.

Never share personal details

Never tell your password and personal detail to another user at any conditions. In the platform, many fake accounts are present, and they are maybe criminals. Always make the private account because it is more secure than others.

Change password regularly

Instagram help you with some security checks, and the user must change his password around 3 months later. The user also receives an important message regarding security.

An Informative Guide about Currency in Homescapes

The game Homescapes contains mainly two main types of currency in it. These are the most important types of currency which are present in Homescapes, and about them, every single user of Homescapes need to know appropriately.

The names of both currencies which are present in Homescapes are coins and stars. Earning both of them and in sufficient amount is significant for the gamers. Now, the major question which every single person should how to earn currency in the game in both forms? There are numerous methods by which gamers earn all three amount of currency in Homescapes. Below are the main ways by which gamers easily earn currency easily –

•       Well, the best method among all to grab the unlimited amount of in-game currency is by making the use of hacks and cheats.

•       Another simple method to grab a sufficient amount of coins and stars in by connecting their game with the Facebook account.

•       Also, in Homescapes, players simply earn a huge amount of coins as well as stars by accomplishing more numbers of events and objectives.

So, all these are the best and top-class methods to earn all two types of currencies in Homescapes. One should know that they simply make use of Homescapes Cheats to grab unlimited currency also with rewards.

Complete more match-3 puzzles and events

One should know that the best method to make progress in Homescapes is by completing more numbers of puzzles in Homescapes. Not only is this, but they also have to pay attention to the events and then participate in all of them.

After participating, they have to complete them as to go far in Homescapes. By doing so, they become able to make quick and good progress in Homescapes without facing any problem. Also, by completing all these things, they should get currency with the reward also.

Hill Climb Racing 2 combos of physics and puzzles to play


Hill Climb Racing game 2 can also be defined as a combination of Physics Arcade and Puzzles of distance game. When you start playing the game your main task is to drive and handle the vehicle to a certain fixed point of the game from flipping and to kill other drivers.

Player of the game should first play the demo mode of the game so that he or she can get familiar with the tricks and tips of the game to play well and get unlimited enjoyment with game currency. Player can also use Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats 2019 for all these.

Goal of the gamer in the game

The Racing game of Hill Climb Racing 2 has new updated things and vehicles in the game. Here the goal of the gamer is to score as high as he or she can. When player moves further without fail and without damaging vehicles, gold and coins and high score is awarded to the player.

Gold and Coins Game Funds

Hill Climb Racing 2 game has two types of game currencies namely coins and gold. These both can be obtained by maintaining vehicles. Apart from this, vehicles’ parts can also be changed and customized by the player with the help of theses game funds. There are five different scenes of the game such as Arctic, Desert, Moon, Fields, Snow and Ice road.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Game more to know

The game of Hill Climb Racing 2 has cartoon-style and many different levels. There are Snow Road, Ice Road, Moonscape, Sand Road, Mountains and so on. These roads are full of bumps which make the driver lose control and fail the missions of race. For that drawback to overcome there is Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats 2019 to use.